Doctor of Philosophy  (Simon Fraser University, 2017)
  • Education

  • Major field: Mathematics Education  with a focus on the use of technology in teaching and learning/

  •  Research Program that explored the role bodily interactions and use of touchscreen-based technology in  learning mathematics for young children, prospective teachers, and visually impaired students


Thesis TitleMathematical Tool Fluency: Learning Mathematics via Touch-based Technology


Master of Education (University of Malaya, 2010)


  •  Education

  • Major Field:  Mathematics Education with Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT); Minor: Curriculum Studies,

  • The quantitative comparison study focused on the use of technology in high school level and its effects on promoting geometrical thinking.

Thesis TitleEffects of Cabri 3D on Geometric Thinking among Grade Ten Students




Bachelor of Science (Payame-Noor University, 2002)
  • Pure Mathematics major; Minor Field: Education

  • with courses in  Topology,  Graphs theory, discrete mathematics, Physics, statics, Algebra I, II, & III. Calculus I, II, &III, Analytic Number Theory, Lebesgue Integration and Fourier Analysis, Differential Geometry, Fields and Galois Theory, Computer programming