Tangible Mathematics for Young Learners


Research Assistant – worked with Dr. Sinclair

This research project aims to understand ways in which pre-school and primary school children develop numerical abilities through embodied interactions with TouchCounts (an iPad application) in small group and one-on-one activities. TouchCounts enables immediate, multitouch interaction through fingers and gestures, and permits learners to engage their senses of touch, sound, movement, and symbol. As a research assistant, I examined how touchscreen based technologies along with learners’ body engagement enhance mathematical learning (2012- 2016). 


 "TouchCounts supports the substantial role of body engagement and senses in education. Considering the important role of the fingers for numerosity, we postulate that using fingers to create numbers, when it is supported by tactile, auditory and visual modes of perception, will support and augment cardinal and ordinal understandings of numbers. TouchCounts utilizes the multi-touch features and gestures of the iPad. It enables young learners to summon numbers into existence and manipulate them in a digital space; it also offers visual and audible provisions in two sub-applications, namely the Enumerating and Operating Worlds. Multi-touch affordance of the iPad empowered through TouchCounts, enables one-to-one-to-one correspondence among tap, count, and object that usually is neglected in previous research." [1]


As a research assistant, I have also created some videos for parents and teachers suggesting a variety of tasks that could help to develop children's number sense. [2] 






[1] Sedaghatjou, M., & Campbell, S. R. (2017). Exploring Cardinality in The Era of Touchscreen-Based Technology (in process). Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology.  http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/0020739X.2017.1327089  Available at http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/3R3rSEEkwCzwZaDc86QR/full


[2]  TouchCounts YouTube Channel

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