Research Experience 

I am a Knowledgeable researcher on designing, implementing and analyzing qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research studies considering Canadian (ORE) ethics regulations. Expert in using SPSS, StudioCode and NVivo software.




Research Fellow, Western University, London, ON (2017-Present)

Computational thinking in STEAM Education: Examining Newly Arrived Students’ Engagement in Out of School Learning Experiences in Computational Thinking


Research Fellow, A Joint project with McMaster University (2018)

"Computational Thinking in and for Undergraduate Students”


Principal Investigator: Touch-based technology in exploring geometric transformation: use of timeline as the analytical tool. (2015-present)

 The aim of this qualitative research is to explore the role of touchscreen-based interactions in understanding geometric transformations by prospective teachers. In this study, I introduced and developed an innovative methodology for analysing video data.



Principal Investigator: In-Depth Analysis and Evaluation of Peer-Tutoring Activities in Higher Education (2015-2016)

This mix-method study evaluates the effectiveness of the peer tutoring program in the Douglas College Learning Centre in providing services and resources that help students develop their abilities to succeed independently in current and future courses and become self-regulated learners.          



Principal Investigator: Exploring “Issues and Aids for Teaching and Learning Mathematics to Undergraduate Students with Visual Impairments, to bring equity of education for sight disabled undergraduate students at the university level (2014-2017).



Research Assistant: Tangible Mathematics for Young Learners: TouchCounts is an iPad application designed for pre-school and primary school children to enhance number sense (2012-2017) 

It enables immediate, multitouch interaction through fingers and gestures, and permits learners to engage their senses of touch, sound, movement, and symbol. Examining how touchscreen based technologies along with learners’ body engagement enhance mathematical learning.



Research Assistant ( in summary), SFU                       

  • Worked with Dr. Paterson as  The Learning Hub 

  • Worked with Dr. Sinclair on using technology in teaching and learning mathematics to young children

  • Worked with Dr. Campbell in Engrammetron Lab(Educational Neuroscience and Mixed Research Lab





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